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Award & Nominations


For those participants and award winners of ISACON 2016 who have not submitted their account details are requested to submit their account details on or before 15-02-2017. Money has been transferred to those who have submitted their account details. Please check your accounts.


The cut off dates to receive applications / nominations for various Awards / competitions 2017 is as below. Hard copy with all supportive documents to be sent by Regd. Post with soft copy (Masking names etc.) of the same by E Mail to secretaryisanhq@gmail.com. The masked (blinded) soft copy will be circulated among judges. Only ISA members are eligible to apply for any Awards / competitions. The details of Awards can be had from Hon. Secretary & also posted in www.isaweb.in

Sl No.CutOff DateAward NameApplication Sent ToAward DetailsApplication FormNomination Recieved on CutOff DateResult
1 30/06/2017 Bhopal Award for Academic Excellence Hon. Secretary, ISA
2 30/06/2017 Late Prof. Dr. A .P. Singhal Life Time Achievement Award Hon. Secretary, ISA
3 30/06/2017 Rukmini Pandit Award Hon. Secretary, ISA
4 30/06/2017 Dr. Y. G. Bhoj Raj Award Award Hon. Secretary, ISA
5 30/09/2017 Kop’s Award Chairperson, Scientific Committee ISACON 2017
6 30/09/2017 Prof. Dr. Venkata Rao Oration 2018 Hon. Secretary, ISA
7 30/09/2017 Ish Narani Best poster Award Chairperson, Scientific Committee ISACON 2017
8 30/09/2017 ISA Goldcon Quiz Chairperson, Scientific Committee ISACON 2017
9 10/11/2017 Late Dr. T. N. Jha Memorial & Dr. K. P. Chansoriya Travel Grant Hon. Secretary, ISA, copy to Chairperson Scientific Committee of ISACON 2017
10 20/10/2017 Awards ( 01 Oct 2016 to 30 Sept 2017) Hon. Secretary, ISA (Report your monthly activity online every month after logging in using Secretary’s log in ID) 1. Best City Branch 2. Best Metro Branch 3. Best State Chapter 4. Public Awareness – Individual 5. Public Awareness – City / Metro 6. Public Awareness - State 7. Ether Day (WAD) 2017 City & State 8. Membership drive 9. Proficiency Awards Hon. Secretary, ISA
11 20/10/2017 ISACON 2019 Bidding Hon. Secretary, ISA
12 30/09/2017 ISACON Jaipur Awards Chairperson, Scientific Committee ISACON 2017

Send hard copy (wherever applicable) to

Dr. Venkatagiri K.M.
Hon Secretary, ISA National

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